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  • Ancient problem, back to secession of plebs in Rome.  Though urgent, still subject to marginal utility principle because foolish to try to educate EVERY citizen on EVERy law that applies to him. Check out Dentist Calgary
  • Need for this education will depend how far requirements of law depart from shared views or right and wrong.
  • Complication: what counts as law for purposes of this requirement? E.g internal procedures of decision making bodies? (Note the bizarre situation in Switzerland that certain courts must hold their deliberations in public.)
  • “Why all this fuss about publishing laws, we have thousands, and only a couple are ver known. Even if put laws in street corner, not 1 in 100 would read” – Thomas Arnold
    • Response: Even 1 in 100 is valuable, and he cannot be identified in advance.
    • Also, people usually follow others who know law better, must be promulgated.
    • Also, must promulgate to allow for criticism
    • Also, most laws are specific, and promulgation doesn’t rest on idea that all laws known to all people, but situation-specific.